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In Fashion on September 3, 2009 at 11:33 am

(La Mer Spring Garden Watch, available exclusively at UrbanOutfitters.com)

I haven’t worn a watch consistently since my neon plastic Swatch watch in elementary school – and if I throw something on my wrist, it’s either a hairtie or a few statement bangles. However, La Mer Collections has swiftly changed my mind (read: got me OBSESSED) about watches.

Their chic and functional watch designs are like fine leather studded skinny belts that you can wrap around your wrist! Genius. The designs also come with charms or chains to add instant glamour to that naked wrist.

(Tie Dye Wrap Watch from the upcoming La Mer collection. It’s textured and inspired by pink roses)

These watches combine practicality with fashion – and you can pick from their collection of simple, layered, and chain wraps OR customize your own!

  • Pick a face (gold, silver, white, black);
  • Pick a leather strap color (any color imagineable in metallics, tie dyes, patents, etc.);
  • And lastly, pick a charm story (think: seaside seashells and anchors, vintage key charms, garden leaves – either in gold or silver).

(Gun Metal All Chains Wrap, $110)

Designer Martine Ilana gathers leathers and inspiration from her travels across the world to bring each piece a unique and handcrafted touch. The La Mer line has exclusive collections available at UrbanOutfitters.com, LaMerCollections.com, or her personal Etsy store.


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