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etsy craving: vintage watch ring

In Design, Fashion on August 11, 2009 at 9:25 am


Who needs to tell time when you’ve got the fabulous inner-workings of a watch on your finger? With antique gears and a dazzling Swarovski crystal, these Steampunk Vintage Watch Movement Rings are the perfect conversation piece – giving your daytime jeans & tee an automatic vantage point or adding to the overall effect of a fun floral vintage dress.


This Etsy seller, QA Create, sells a lot of jewelry by recycling vintage eye-catching details, including old typewriter keys, lego pieces, and antique coins. Another one of my favorite gift items are the Authentic Baseball Sterling Silver cufflinks, which are perfect for that All-American baseball fan in your life.


  1. I lovvvve those Danae, so cool.

  2. Thanks Penny! I was just searching for vintage rings and I was like, ‘WOOOAAAH’.

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