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In Fashion on August 4, 2009 at 10:12 am

Pierre-August Renoir

When I used to work for In Style magazine, there was this ‘free table’ (not so much a table, but a little cubby) where people would cast off things that were sent to the office that we had no use for any longer. Sometimes there would be neat little knickknacks, but most of the time the cubby housed pre-released books, odd looking t-shirts, and foreign tea bags.

One day I snagged some desk calendars from the table and gave a few away as gifts, but the one I kept for myself was the Page-A-Day Gallery Calendar, with 365 days of Art from all over the world.

Today’s is this beautiful painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Path in a Wood, shown above. The instant I saw it, I thought, “I wish I had a watercolor-inspired silk dress that looked exactly like this painting.” The colors are just divine! And the greens, yellows, light blues, and rust red remind me of the beginning of autumn.

Tuleh Watercolor Dress

(Tuleh Silk Watercolor Dress, Neiman Marcus, $1,595)

IF ONLY I could find a more affordable version to satisfy my craving.


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