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In Fashion on August 4, 2009 at 9:28 am

This week, I received two-parts Rachel Zoe and it left me salivating for more. My Amazon.com order of Style A to Zoe arrived last night, and her new daily gem of a style newsletter arrived promptly in my mailbox at 6:31 am this morning.

The Brian Atwood Lola Platform Pumps (or shooties, shoe + booty) are everything I would have expected out of Zoe’s styling choices = a very high heel (she likes 5-inch heels to be exact), a sort of platform chunk, and her favorite leopard print that complement a classic LBD or can bring life to a more casual weekday look. After reading only the first 30 pages of Zoe’s book last night before I went to bed, I already reached the section where she explains her torrid love affair with leopard print (no matter the occasion!) making her first product pick in this morning’s The Zoe Report seem just right.

 (To my surprise, the pre-order available on Saks.com that The Zoe Report provided only showed the black version. Sad.)

Brian Atwood Pump

I will say that $680 for the Brian Atwood shootie is a wee bit out of my price range, but luckily, Zoe provided a Parallel Universe product of something she finds just as fabulous for a fraction of the price. (Even if the Steve Madden Vipperr is missing that punky leopard print, the aesthetic is relatively the same for only $129.95)

Steve Madden Boot

To subscribe to The Zoe Report, please visit RachelZoe.com.


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